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ExcellenSation Inc. founded in 2008 to employ mathematical and statistical applications in various economic, marketing, and advertising disciplines that can benefit businesses and organizations. Using mathematical modeling and statistical analysis, organizations can decrease their waste, save money, reduce human resource exhaustion, maximize efficiency, boost productivity, increase their return on investment (ROI), and predict results with more accuracy.

A team of mathematicians, statisticians, and psychologists who have graduated from well-known universities in Canada (mostly from University of Toronto) are paired with project managers, developers, marketing specialists, and designers to produce the best outcome for organizations.

As a result, businesses and organizations will increase their sales, numbers of clients, and productivity, while benefiting the environment by reducing their waste.

ExcellenSation has worked with small to large size companies in both public and private sectors. Our team has also been able to work with the government in various small and large projects. To find a sample of our clients, please feel free to visit our client page.

How ExcellenSation Relates Mathematical Modeling And Statistical Analysis To Marketing And Advertising? ExcellenSation is a dynamic full solution marketing company that provides predictions about marketing efforts before running the campaigns. As a pioneer, ExcellenSation employs sophisticated mathematical and statistical approaches to foresee the outcomes with high accuracy. Our expert designers use the latest tools and psychological findings to enhance the marketing outcome with high efficiency.

Aside from providing all the advertising materials, ExcellenSation is known for providing unique and innovative solutions for each case. Our Consulting department works to prove practically that hard work can produce amazing results.

ExcellenSation is proud to be on the cutting edge of fulfilling all the marketing essentials of entities with various sizes. Most importantly, it is the powerful statistical and analytical tools employed at ExcellenSation that makes the marketing more efficient and meaningful. That is, at ExcellenSation you can attain an accurate approximation of the expected result before starting a campaign. This is done professionally using sophisticated mathematical modeling implementations.

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 I must compliment you and ExcellenSation for your efficiency and professionalism. I have been totally impressed with the ease in which you provided service to us and the excellent results that followed it. I would definitely come back for more marketing advice based on your mathematical modeling.


Toronto, Ontario
ExcellenSation is an excellent resource to resolve any brand issues. They have outstanding client side experience, supported with an expert understanding of the responsibility of brands and the communication process. Enthusiastic and self-motivated, the team is able to promptly build and integrate data and information. I was also fascinated by their project management abilities, communications skills and capability to convey and sell their recommendations to the top management. The project has been fully implemented and has transformed our thinking and understanding of portfolio management and brand architecture. A solid recommendation!


I have been extremely thrilled with ExcellenSation. In a highly specialized dental community, they seized quickly on the opportunities and issues in our practice and put together a comprehensive plan. Their high-energy and analytical skills allowed them in presenting us a completely different way of looking at our practice from a simulation window. We are very pleased with their results!



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