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Planning would make a world of differences especially if it is done by certified project managers. Let us help before it is too late.

Publication and Review

ExcellenSation inc. strive to offers publication and review in the field of applied and pure mathematics and statistics.

Research and Development

We can help find the answer to your question or help you improve your company while trying to get government financial aids and grant for your project.

Training And Education

We do offer a wide range of training both at individual or corporation levels in all mathematics and its application related disciplines . 


At ExcellenSation Inc. we only employ what we believe in. Currently we only accept very creative and challenging projects that requires intense mathematical and statistical utilizatoin. 



ExcellenSation Inc. founded in 2008 to employ mathematical and statistical applications in various economic, marketing, and advertising disciplines that can benefit businesses and organizations. Using mathematical modeling and statistical analysis, organizations can decrease their waste, save money, reduce human resource exhaustion, maximize efficiency, boost productivity, increase their return on investment (ROI), and predict results with more accuracy.

As a result, businesses and organizations will increase their sales, numbers of clients, and productivity, while benefiting the environment by reducing their waste.

ExcellenSation has worked with small to large size companies in both public and private sectors. Our team has also been able to work with the government in various small and large projects. 

In 2016 the mission of ExcellenSation inc. deviated more towards the research aspect of pure and applied mathematics. Currently, ExcellenSation consults only selected clients with no intention of serving new businesses. On the other side, ExcellenSation is strived to incline towards research and publication in the mentioned areas.



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